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With our targeted opt-in email service, your business now has a cost-efficient, safe and very effective way to reach the exact people that desire your company's products or services. You can boost your sales and grow your business without any worries of complaints due to spam. All campaigns are done legally and ethically. You can be sure that we follow all laws within any state to avoid any websites being shut-down or other problems and we can guarantee that.     Click Here For More Details

Global Ad Solutions provides what might be considered the most targeted exit traffic in the industry. Our system places your full page advertising website directly in front of buyers who have purchased our products over the years. These are people with credit cards and PayPal accounts who aren't afraid to spend money on marketing programs, products and services that will enhance their ability to market online.     Click Here For More Details

Banner advertising is one great way to drive targeted traffic direct to your web site and at the same time build brand awareness for your products. Each person who sees your banner ad is either a current customer who has a PayPal account and is placing an ad with us or is visiting our pages looking to purchase products, goods or services. The best visitors mean the most sales and that's why our traffic is so sought after.     Click Here For More Details

Promote your website GAS Text Ads, we offer several low cost packages so that you can promote your product or website for a very reasonable price. Your text ad will be seen on thousands of websites on our massive internet marketing network. Prices start at only $5 and you can have up to three lines of text, our system also allows you to log in to a secure members area and track your text ad campaign in real-time.     Click Here For More Details

Marketer's everywhere need tools and resources to help them stand out from the crowd. We had that in mind when we decided to put together what we like to call a one-stop-shop for everything marketing related. What you will find here are a variety of resources which we have used ourselves for over 20 years and some really cool new ones to help with everything from designing a website to increasing the popularity of one that already exists.     Click Here For More Details

In addition to providing premium submission and traffic generating services, we also provide a free service that people can use and share with their friends and associates. These free double opt-in email submitters are not as responsive as our premium paid services, but they are free and as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

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