With our targeted opt-in email service, your business now has a cost-efficient, safe and very effective way to reach the exact people that desire your products or services.

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We offer the most targeted exit traffic in the industry, we place your site in front of 100's of thousands of buyers who have bought from us over the years and use our services daily.

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Our banner rotator is shown on 10's of thousands of high traffic webpages. The best visitors mean the most sales and that's why our traffic is so sought after by serious online marketers.

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We also provide free services that people can use and share with their associates. These free services include 100's of double opt-in email submitters, a free safelist and a free traffic program.

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Global Ad Solutions Specializes In Email Marketing, Email Submitters, Safe List Marketing. Our Email Marketing Submitters Are 100% Double Opt-In.

Global Ad Solutions (GAS) has been involved in online e-commerce since 1999. We have grown and prospered in all of our online ventures due to customer service and successful marketing solutions. We would now like to share the marketing strategies and innovative scripting that has helped us grow beyond our expectations. Our motto has always been, our customers are always our top priority. However, without the correct marketing strategies our customers would not achieve success.

Our company's goals are to foster long-term business technology partnerships with our clients and to provide a creative, positive environment for our team members that empowers each with the confidence to thrive and do their best. We feature a top-notch development and consulting team, hand chosen from the best-of-the-best professionals from all areas of technical and business expertise. GAS is focused on building quality internet marketing solutions using some of today's state-of-the-art tools like MySQL, PHP, Perl, Javascript, C++ and CGI while applying advanced programming techniques.

Our double opt-in mail submission services are world renowned for their ease of use and superior quality. While many have tried to duplicate our system none has come close to providing the customer with the same value we provide on a daily basis.

From our inception, our vision was to streamline the marketing process for individuals who make their living online or simply supplement their income. By creating a custom solution that draws it's strength from the power of double opt-in marketing we have been able to develop a following of satisfied customers who not only enjoy using our products but prosper from sharing them with their friends and associates the world over. From Australia to Zimbabwe, we can, and have, provided the advertising of choice for individuals who value their time and recognize true value.


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    Kangen Water Direct
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    By using your submitters plus your safelists, my site traffic has increased from approx 200 visitors per day to approx 2020 visitors per day, what an improvement."

    John Dalton
  • "I have been doing business with Global Ad Solutions for about 3 months now. Their email ad submitters are the best marketing tools I have ever used.

    Before I started using the double opt-in ad submitters, my business averaged around $5,000 monthly. Since using the submitters, my business has been averaging over $9,000 monthly."

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