This is a great opportunity for the serious marketer, you get full use of all the submitters I've built and when I build new ones I'll add them to the Elite member's area. When I increase the price, your price will be locked in and never change.The submitters are all different and you may find that some work better for you than others, you don't have to use them all if you don't want to, when I come in to do my submissions I have my 14 favorites and I only use those. Just use what does the best for you.

I'm also giving you a 100% reseller site; you get a domain name and I'll set up a site just like this one where you can sell the monthly memberships and build a massive recurring revenue stream and I'll sell the lifetime memberships so there's always money to fill the databases with leads. I'll build it, maintain it, host it, and update it, you just make sales and collect your money. Click here for more information.

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