The Evil Little Pop-Up

- If You're Using A Pop-Up Blocker Then You're Killing Your Submitter -


This task is simple. Read the text. Do as it says and get a 15% AdBoost Code that's good for 30 days, as long as you never go back on it. If the system reports that you're using a pop-up blocker we will cancell ALL of your AdBoost Codes.

All clients must disable their pop-up blocker and view the ads. That is one of the policies that you agreed to comply with when you joined and when you check the box everytime you submit an ad. By viewing the pop-up ads and the ads of other members you generate ad revenue that is used to acquire new leads for the submitters or gives me the funds needed to acquire new safelist memberships for The Pirate Mailer. Clients that block pop-ups generate no ad revenue. If the system detects a pop-up blocker that person's ads will go to the trash 24 hours, if the violations continue more than 3 times in a 30 day period I'll send all that person's ads to the trash permanently.

Please keep in mind that you stated that you read our policies, that you understood our policies, and that you would comply with our policies. Using a pop-up blocker is a policy violation. Please disable your pop-up blocker now.