This Is The Voice-Clips Feature

Since This Opened In A New Tab, You Can Close It When You're Done.


Each of the links plays a different Voice-Clip that will Auto-Start when your potential customer opens your email. I've developed a way for you to upload your own pre-recorded Voice-Clips, click here. When you click a Voice-Clip link below it will open in a small pop-up window, depending on your browser.

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MASH: Attention Attention! Bugs: Special Delivery From Mars Bugs: What's This? A Letter..
Bugs: Abracadabra! Bugs: The Dreamboat Song Cash Register: Cha-Ching!
Jim Cramer: Stars & Stripes Jim Cramer: Bugle Jim Cramer: Dive Alarm!
Jim Cramer: Buy Buy Buy! Jim Cramer: Tah-Dah! Jim Cramer: All Aboard!
Daffy: I'm Rich I'm Rich! Daffy: Everybody Rise & Shine! Daffy: Oh There You Are
Applause, Whistling, Cheering Peter: How's Everybody Doin'? Rooster: Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!
Homer: Yelllllllo! Homer: Wooo-Hooo! You've Waited All Day For It!
Urgent Message Monte: Message For You Sir Ha-Ha-Ha! You Have A Message
Ren & Stimpy: Letter For Me 3rd Rock: Prepare To Be Dazzled Read The Mail! 3 Times