20 Spaces Available In Our Private Rotator

Having A Spot In This Powerful Rotator Will Make Your Website Traffic Explode

Hello Fellow Marketer,

Almost everyone on the network sees the pop-ups from our rotator everytime they load a page. Our rotator gets one page view when a member logs in to send an ad, one more page view when they submit their ad, and then one last page view when they access the final page and exit the system.

That happens thousands of time every day, The only members that don't see our rotator ads are the people on our newest professional grade submitters and the people that pay by subscription, that's one of the benefits of buying the upgraded membership. Everyone else sees them though, all the people that purchased a lifetime membership and all the people that use our free submitters, and there are a lot of those.

The traffic you'll be getting are from people like you. They're here promoting a product or service and they're always looking for a good deal or a new money making opportunity. Here you are, you see the rotator ads all the time. We're all people, we're all interested in a variety of things. We've bought several items out of the rotator.

We set up a page with some traffic statistics on it that we took by screenshooting a statistics report on the server. This link will open in a new tab, so just close it when you're done looking at it. It's located here.

This is how it works, it's a lifetime membership, ALL of your URLs goes in and they never comes out unless they stops working. We're going to limit the number of client URL's in the database to 20, we'll still toss in a few company ads from time to time, until all 20 are sold, but for the most part it's all yours. There is no limit on how many spaces you can buy. You can buy 1 space in our rotator or buy all "20" it's first come first serve. When 20 are sold then we'll close this page and sell no more, ever.

So you're asking yourself why you would buy more than one space in our rotator, it's simple, if you buy 1 space you own 5% of all the traffic that goes to our rotator, what if you buy 2 spaces, now you own 10% of the traffic. So how much traffic do you want? 25%? 50%? How many spots are left? There will only be 20 sold. (As of 08/21/21 there are 11 spaces remaining)

The price is $149 and for everything you're getting it's easily worth triple that. If you have multiple sites you want to promote we will gladly create a FREE URL rotator for you. You can promote all your URL's at one time. You can't pass up this awesome opportunity.

After you make your payment you'll be redirected to a page with a form. You'll be asked for the name on the credit card, your primary email address, and the URLs of the websites you want people to see when the rotator puts your sites in front of them. See the form here. It's very basic and if you need to add more URL's just let us know. Before you submit that form make sure you double check ALL of your URLs. If a link is dead we won't add it to our system. A direct link to your site is best, if you use a tracker and it stops working it will be removed.