The Five Star Services Search Engine Booster

An Army Of Robots Deployed To Force Your Website To Top Of Search Engines


Search robots, also known as spiders and crawlers, are the tools many web search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, use to build their databases. Robots access web pages, often using links to locate and link to other sites. They can index titles, summaries, or the entire contents of documents much more quickly and thoroughly than a human could.

What we do is a little different, we have bots that will run through our client submission databases and "visit" our client's pages. For example, when bot #218 "visits" your website it will leave it's footprint which will be picked-up by the search engine crawler and it will show that your site has received a "visitor". We have 460 bots running through our client submission databases twenty-four hours a day.

So what does this mean for you? If you're a client and you're submitting your ads with our mid-grade mailers or professional submitters then the bots are "visiting" your site. Clients using our mid-grade mailers can receive up to 90 "visitors" per day. Clients using our professional submitters will receive between 200-800 "visitors" per day. Our clients recieve between 50,000 and 110,000 "visitors" per day.

The more "visitors" your site recieves, the more popular it will appear to be to the crawlers and then you'll get listed higher in the search engines. Five Star Services ranks #1 on Bing® and we're on the first page of Google®. We earned our top spots but not all of our clients have the time or the knowledge to do that and so everyday we help our clients work their way to the top of the search engines.

Below you can see our bots "visiting" our client's sites. Occassionally a bot will freeze up or get stuck on a broken URL and every 5 minutes our system will reboot to allow the bots to start running again. When a bot "visits" a page it causes the counter to increase by one hit. A bot "visits" a client's page every 11 seconds on average. The administrator's viewing panel shows the activity of all 460 bots at once, but because it's such a heavy load on the server we decided to only show you 15 real time bot reports on this page.

First the bots "visit" our client's sites and then they return back to their database and log the hit on our counter, all the bots shown above are using the same hit counter, the bots do not each have their own hit counter, that would be senseless to create and monitor 460 hit counters. The accumulated total is what matters to us.

We'll set 15 bots loose on your website and they'll hit your site every 8-11 seconds and generate between 50,000 and 110,000 "visits" a day. This appearance of mass "visitors" will cause your site to skyrocket up the search engines. We'll even set-up a viewing panel like the one above so you can see the bots hitting your site in real time and watch your hit counter soar. We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Sometimes, because of the activity on the page, you may have to click the button below a few times to make it work, the Booster Bots use quite a bit of our server resources.