This Is The 30 Free Blasters Bulk Blast Upgrade

With This Time Saving Upgrade You'll Send To All 30 Free Blasters At Once Instead Of 1 At A Time!

Welcome Fellow Marketer,

The 30 Free Blaster Bulk Blast Submitter gives you the power to submit your ads to all 30 Free Blasters at once. Along with that we give you the ability to enhance the performance of your submission with powerful features like, an auto-submitter that sends your ad over and over every hour for 24 hours. We also integrated a 60 targeted category selector that allows you to select up to 8 targeted groups to send your ads to. There is also no waiting for your ad to submit, you can just submit it and either leave or send another ad. That's a huge time saver over spending a minute or more sending ads one at a time. Remember those cool icons, they're in there too.

If you're not familiar with the 30 Free Blasters, you can click here to try them out or you can click here to see a screenshot of one. If you would like to see a screenshot of the Bulk Blast Submitter, click here or if you would like to run through the Bulk Blast Submitter's interactive demonstration, click here.

At the end of the interactive demonstration you will be redirected back to this page to get your membership started or you can join now using 1 of the 2 payment options below. I prefer people sign up for the monthly subscription, because that way there's always extra revenue for leads. However, if you want to save money then the one-time price is a great deal.