Scroller For Rent

Never before have we offered what we are offering to ONE lucky advertiser! If you have $3 a day to spend on advertising then this offer could be the one offer to put your program over the top!

Our scrolling text bar at the top of our pages is seen literally hundreds, and sometime thousands, of times each day. The exposure you will receive from this one ad portal could be stupendous! We are going to sell this scroller by subscription for $21 a week. Your campaign will start immediately after your payment is received and we approve your site.

The lucky individual will send us their text ad in 90 characters or less (the closer to 90 the better, and spaces count as a character!) and we will load it in the scroller. Anyone viewing it will be able to simply click on your text ad and they will instantly be sent to your offer! How cool is that!

Your ad cannot contain hate, porn or anything a reasonable person might consider offensive to a child. And your campaign will end the very day you cancel so if you ever do decide to cancel (bad move!) then please do so before it rebills as we will not refund the unused portion of any week. Give us at least a two day notice of intent so we can get you out before the subscription rebills.