Quality Exit Traffic

Global Ad Solutions provides what might be considered the most targeted exit traffic in the industry. Our system places your full page advertising website directly in front of buyers who have purchased our products over the years. These are people with credit cards and PayPal accounts who aren't afraid to spend money on marketing programs, products and services that will enhance their ability to market online.

We never subcontract to fulfill orders and generally, our traffic moves a little slower than most traffic providers. This is for good reason because we don't compromise the quality of your page views by placing them in front of members of autosurf programs or sending them to paid to read email programs for pennies on the dollar. Every page view that you receive will be from people who directly use our products, people like you!

And while our traffic might be a little more expensive, you get what you pay for and we know first-hand that our system brings results that can be measured in dollars and cents rather than impressions and page views. Afterall, the only numbers most of us care about are the ones that fill our bank accounts! Smart marketers know that good traffic brings good results and that's what we provide.

The rules are simple...

No frame breakers. If your site has a frame breaker it will interfere with the functionality of our exit traffic system and we will not load your exit traffic order.

No pop-ups on your site. If your site has a pop-up we won't load it. This includes pop-unders and fly-in ads as well. If we find you've added them after purchase we will delete your site.

Ad trackers are mandatory. We do not track the number of hits to your site so we require you to use an ad tracker if you want to know how much traffic is reaching your advertised URL. Use any ad tracker you like and if you don't have one you can get a Pro Account from ClixTrac. ClixTrac is very easy to use and very accurate. Their red colored link will open in a new window.

If your site goes down for any reason we pull it. No questions asked. So make sure your site is working. We do not change out your website for another one. If you want to put in a different one then purchase a new slot.

Your site will be placed in our rotator for life, that means the life of your site and you will only be charged a one time fee to have your site placed. This in not a subscription. Pay once and never be billed again. You can buy as many URL slots as you want and each one will stay in our system forever as long as the rules above are followed.

The cost of a URL slot is $39.95 per slot. Everyone who uses any of our submitters anywhere, anytime will see your site or one of the other sites in the rotator. We are limiting the number of sites to 50. Once we fill these 50 slots we will sell no more and openings will only occcur if we take one out for violating the rules.

The first ones to purchase a URL slot will get the most traffic right away so go get yours now. The early bird gets the worm.