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1) First, enter your email subject line. Keep it short, under 50 characters is recommended, no more is really nessessary as all the subject line is for is to get people to open your email. A boring subject line will result in a lower email open rate. Be creative.

2) Second, you MUST put the URL in this field, a properly entered URL begins with http:// and NOT www. - When you use www. your links are usually not clickable in emails. This URL MUST be the same URL that is in the ad body. If the URL does not match the URL in the ad body your ad will be discarded.

3) Third, enter your ad body, you can advertise ONE URL or ONE CLICKABLE LINK per ad. The URL or CLICKABLE LINK that you put into the URL field must be shown in your ad exactly as it is in the URL field. If it is different or if you use additional URLs in your ad it will be discarded. Our security system REQUIRES that you enter a properly formatted URL in the field and the same properly formatted URL in the ad, we do this to prevent adbots from posting to our leads and causing mass unsubscribes. Do not put your email address in the body of the ad, this will count as a second CLICKABLE LINK and the submission will be discarded.

4) Fourth, select from the two radio buttons whether your ad body is to be sent as HTML or text. It is recommended that you use text ads as all email protocols can display a text ad properly but NOT all email protocols display HTML ads properly.

5) Fifth, select which submitters you would like to send to, you can send to them one at a time or to all of them at the same time.

6) Sixth, When you are happy with the ad that you have written you can click the submit button. Follow all the prompts until your submission is complete and you exit the system.


 Enter a SUBJECT line below that doesn't exceed 50 characters:

 Enter your WEBSITE ADDRESS and DON'T use spaces:

 The BODY of your ad can have 4k characters (Click Here)


 60 Minute Mailer
 Ad Blast King
 Ad Bot
 Ad Cash Blast
 Ad Cycle Pro
 Ad Magic
 Ad Monster
 Ad Rocket
 Ad Wizard
 All OptIn Leads
 Astro Ads
 ASH Submitter
 Big Blast
 Big List Pro
 Blast King
 Blast Matic
 Blast Pack
 Cash Cow
 CB Contacts
 Click Banker
 CL Submitter
 Craigs Power List
 Cyber Sender
 Econo Ads
 Fast Lane
 Gallactic Blast
 Global Submit
 Gmail Marketing
 Gmail Extreme
 Gmail Pro
 Highly Targeted
 High Performance
 High Voltage
 Hot Mailer
 IM Jungle Submit
 Increase Sales
 Jackpot Mailer
 Key To Success
 LinkedIn Submit
 Magic Submitter
 Nuclear Blast
 PP Profits
 PP Promoter
 Pro Ad Blast
 Profit Machine
 Pro Traffic
 Rockin Ads
 Sizzlin Submitter
 Smokin Submitter
 Social Media
 Speedy Submitter
 Strike It Rich
 Submit Master
 Super Grouper
 Targeted Traffic

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The Links Are Disabled

You Can Choose Between This Submitter Or The Old Submitters, Choose The Old Submitters By Clicking Here.

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