The Authorization Code Requirement

November 30, 2020

Hello Fellow Marketer,

In an effort to increase visibility of our daily letters we created a new script that will issue a code to the people that read our letters. The code authorizes the system to send their ads. When you're asked for your authorization code, put it in the box, your ad will be sent.

If you don't have a valid authorization code or if your code has expired, just go to the last letter we sent and get a new authorization code. If you can't locate your letter then sign-up on the mailing list again and use an email address where you'll receive, and be able to read our letters twice a week like you agreed to do. Our mailing list registration is here.

Keep your authorization code in a safe place. An authorization code is good for 84 hours. 84 hours means you'll only need to read two emails per week which is what you agreed to do when you stated that you read, understood, and would comply with our Terms of Service Policy. Since you agreed to comply with our Terms of Service Policy by checking the box, it doesn't matter to us if you didn't take the time to read it, that was your choice.

Why Are We Instituting The Authorization Code Requirement

Every member that uses one of our submitters, whether its a paid membership or a free one, has agreed to follow our simple rules. However not all members do, in fact we have documentation that shows that about 85% of the members don't follow the rule about being on the mailing list and reading our letters.

Put yourselves in our shoes, the 85% have broken our Terms of Service Policy, they are not following the rules so we're not going to provide the service to them. The only way we can do that, unless we think of another way, is to require proof that they are opening our letters. The authorization code will be in the letter.

This Is What A Terms Of Service Policy Is And What It Means

A Terms of Service Policy is exactly what it says, The Terms are our rules you agreed to follow when you signed up for whatever submitter you're using, every product registration form requires you to check a box indicating that you read, understood, and will comply with the Terms of Service Policy before you're allowed to submit your registraion form. The Service portion is where we agree to send out your ads and supply the service as it is explained in the Terms of Service as it relates to the service you purchased. When a member stops following the rules then we stop providing the service. Below is a screenshot of one of the required checkboxes that indicates that you read, understood, and would comply with our Terms of Service Policy. Unless the box is checked the button won't work and you are unable to submit the form.

Click the image below to see a full screen sample of the page you filled out and where you agreed to comply with our Terms of Service Policy. The page will open in a new tab.

This Is How The Authorization Code Feature Will Benefit Our Members

The members that have violated the rules will still be able to use the submitters, but their ads will go to the trash. By cutting off their sending capability we'll save 85% of our leads and that will give you 85% more people to send to because 85% fewer people will have unsubscribed from our leads databases and that's a win for the members that follow the rules.

Also, we're always open to suggestions, if you think you have a better way of getting 100% of the members to read our letters then please go to the Help Desk link at the top of the page and let us know. If we impliment your idea we'll pay you a generous consulting fee of $250.

Sarah Gallagher
Client Services
Global Ad Solutions