Ad Trackers & Google

We at Global Ad Solutions felt it was imperative that we notified all of our members and potential members about a recent change at Google which is having a serious impact on your marketing efforts.

Google's new spam detection is filtering a very high percentage of your ads to the spam folders of your potential customers. This is a much more serious problem then what it may appear. Google's mail client, GMail is the most popular email provider on the planet. At present they literally dominate email usage. In fact, our in-house testing has reveled that nearly 70% of our members use Gmail and the leads we purchase mirror these figures.

The graph above shows the most popular e-mail providers according to consumers in the United States as of January 2019, sorted by age group. During the consumer survey, 83.5 percent of respondents aged 14 to 18 years stated that they used Gmail as their primary e-mail provider. Yahoo was ranked second with 6.9 percent. (, 2019)

Individuals who use ad trackers are at greatest risk. If you do use an ad tracker it is highly likely that Google will vet it out and send your advertisement to the spam folder of your potential customer. In fact, we polled many of our longtime customers and they also report that our ads do go to their junk folder and in order to read them, they must take the extra step by indicating that our email to them is not spam. When you consider many people never read their spam folder or auto delete it in settings then you'll want to do something to correct that.

So, effective immediately, we are very strongly recommending that our members do NOT use ad trackers to cloak their sales URL's. While this may appear to be counter-productive, we feel it is necessary to ensure that your ads go where they are supposed to go; in your potential customer's inbox! We are not saying that you cannot use an ad tracker however, if you feel you need to then please do so but, do it knowing that a very high (ninety percent or more.) percentage of your ads may never be seen.

The image below is an example of what your GMail recipients will be seeing, if they ever see your email at all.

We are certain that you do not want this to happen to you when you consider that you are spending good money on your marketing campaigns. So on that note let me add that we here at Global Ad Solutions have 100% stopped using ad trackers. We encourage you to do the same. If you know how to put a hit counter on your site or are familiar with how server logs work (and you have access to them), we recommend you try using those instead.