Hello, my name is Matt and I own Five Star Services. No, that's not me in the video, that's Amanda. Anyway, when you accessed my site, you were presented with a link to the Policies & Terms of Service page, there is a link at the bottom of every page. By using my site you're bound by my policies, if you don't agree then you should leave. When someone buys something from me they're required to check a box indicating that they read, understood, and would comply with my polices. One of the things explained on my Policy page is that I charge for support, the service charge is small for someone who truly needs help and at the same time it deters those people that require constant babysitting because they refuse to read and follow simple instructions and they'd rather write to me and have me personally explain everything to them on a one-on-one basis and that eats up time and time is money. If you want some of my time, I want some of your money.

So, if you don't agree with my policies then you should leave and if you bought something and didn't read the policy page, but you indicated you did, you're still bound by the policies. Here is where I explain the support service charge.

So, go ahead and click the payment button and pay my fee and then you'll be sent to the support desk to submit a ticket. Include any and all information you have related to your support request. I'll use the information you provide to construct an answer and get right back to you. If you don't include enough information then we'll have to go back and forth until I can extract the information from you, more than one reply will require more than one fee.

Include information like: the name on the credit card that was used to make a purchase, the email address used during the purchase, a screenshot of the receipt that was sent to the email address you used when you made your purchase, the welcome letter I instructed you to save, the name of the item you purchased, the problem you're encountering, the solution you're seeking, and anything else you have to make the process as painless as possible. If I determine that a fee shouldn't be required then I'll refund it, but if you need

help because you didn't follow instructions or if the answer has already been provided either on my Policy page or somewhere else and you just chose not to take the time to read it then the fee is mine for having to take my time to fix your goof up. I think that's fair. I take a lot of time to write a lot of information out for everyone and a good rule of thumb is that if you see words on a page, they were likely put there to help you in some way and you should stop and read them. They certainly weren't put there for decoration.

If this sounds like I'm being sarcastic or rude, I apologize, but I've taken the time to write instructions for everything and over the years I've simplified the process so even a child could submit ads without problems, and still there's always someone that finds a way to goof it up. So, prepay for a reply to a ticket and after payment you'll be redirected to the support form. If I asked you to come here and submit a free ticket, just be sure you specify that and explain the situation and I'll be sure to refund the fee right back to you.