Please Read These Messages From Matt

June 30th, 2022  

The $15 versions of the following submitters have been upgraded. This is only for the submitters that are $15 each. When you access your submitter clear your cache' then refresh the page.

adoptimizer, admonster, blueprint, adbot, adblastking, autoss, blastaway, bullseye, bum, busymoms, adnetworx, cbcontacts, ash, cber, cpl, cashcow, eme, easy, 30mm, fastlane, gmarketing, highly1, highly2, homebased, hurricane, ido, infinity, innercircle, key, linkedin, msn, marketbuzz, marketingpro, masstraffic, masterblaster, membersonly, newsocial, omm, onlineprofits, optin, revbot, robo, smart, 60mm, strike, supergrouper, surething, tiger, trafficking, trafficwave, twister, twitter, ultimate, vmm.

June 19th, 2022  

NEW PACKAGE! 55 Ad Submitters, Fresh Leads, 100% Resell Rights, and I've also created the Bulk Blast Submitter for you that sends to all 55 submitters at once. You can use the Bulk Blast Submitter once every 60 minutes. It's very powerful. It'll be a huge time saver for you, even though there's no waiting on any of the submitters, being able to send to them all at once means you only write one ad instead of 55. I'm offering a Limited Time Special Price, you'll save $20 if you buy it today! Click here to save $20! Today Only!

June 13th, 2022  

Everyone on the network sees the pop-ups from our rotator everytime they load a page. Our rotator gets one page view when a member logs in to send an ad, one more page view when they submit their ad, and then one last page view when they access the final page and exit the system. That happens thousands of time every day. A spot in the private rotator is normally $149 but for this special offer I've lowered the price down to $49! That's pretty amazing, only $49 to put every link you have into a powerful rotator that gets tons of traffic. This special price won't be available for long, grab it while you can. Click here to save $100!

June 7th, 2022  

If you're a reseller of ours and your reseller site is on the domain then it will be cancelled today. The resellers on that domain have never made even one sale. Each of the reseller sites pay a portion to the reseller and a portion to us. To date we've never received any portions. When people register to be a reseller we instruct them to take their reseller site out into the world and share it with people using safelists or other external sources and not to use our tools to promote our tools because there are filters in place to delete ads that do that. Having resellers that don't resell is a waste of our time and money. Creating and updating reseller sites take time and hosting them on our server with a domain name costs money. Since the resellers aren't making any sales the reseller sites need to come down, they are nothing but an expense. We'll try to come up with something else down the road, watch these messages for information.

June 4th, 2022  

We will be bringing a new submitter online in a few days, the submitter's price is $8.88 per month or a $28.88 one-time fee. When it goes live we will lower the price to $7.77 per month or a one-time $20 and that limited time offer will be sent out in one of my daily letters. The new submitter sends to 32 million daily and is built to display properly on all different sizes of screens. From the smallest cellphone to the widest desktop you'll be able to access the member's area and use the submitter from anywhere in the world. The new submitter is called Ad Ninja and has new targeted niche' categories. Some of the new categories include: self-improvement, gadets & tech, household supplies, organic products, vape, vinyl, virtual reality, and weight loss to name just a few. BUT WAIT! If you have a Five Star Elite membership then you'll save the $28.88 because the Ad Ninja will be installed in the Elite member's area at no cost to you. For more information on the Five Star Elite membership, click here. Have a great day! -Matt-