This Year's Mailing List Audit Addresses The Flagrant
Disregard By Persons Who Are Violating Our Terms Of Service
Policy By Not Interacting With Our Daily Letters As Per Their Contract.

Before you made your purchase and you were reading the sales page, you were presented with a link at the bottom of the page that would send you to our Terms Of Service Policy which is located here. Most people ignore the link, but we've done our part to be transparent and provide you with all the details related to your purchase before hand so you know exactly what our policies are and what is expected of you if you become a member.

If you decided to purchase from us you were immediately sent to the product registration page after your payment cleared. Here is one of our registration pages, here is another and here is another. There are many since we have hundreds of membership sites. At the bottom of the product registration form there is always a requirement where you are stating that you read, understood, and would comply with our Terms Of Service Policy.

Let's break down what it means to READ, UNDERSTAND, and COMPLY with the Terms Of Service Policy.

  • What it means to READ the Terms Of Service Policy:

    To properly READ the Terms Of Service Policy a person would start with the first word on the Terms Of Service Policy page and READ every word and READ every page linked to the Terms Of Service Policy page until they reached the last word on the Terms Of Service Policy page. The Terms Of Service Policy page has now been READ.

  • What it means to UNDERSTAND the Terms Of Service Policy:

    Once the page has been read you'll know if you UNDERSTAND what you read and if you don't UNDERSTAND what you read then read it again and continue to read it over and over until you do UNDERSTAND it. If for some reason you just can't UNDERSTAND it, then go to our Help Desk and request assistance.

  • What it means to COMPLY with the Terms Of Service Policy:

    The Terms of Service Policy is exactly what it says, the terms or rules that you have to agree to in order for us to provide you with the service. It's a contract between you and Global Ad Solutions. It simply states that you agree to COMPLY with our rules and we in turn agree to provide you with the service that you are registering for. If you are not COMPLYING with the rules then you are not holding up your end of our contract and therefore we will no longer provide you with the service. If you decide not to COMPLY with our Terms Of Service Policy, then 100% of the responsibilty is on you, you broke the contract, that was your choice.

    In the event that you show up on the list of people that aren't reading our mail and we decide to stop providing your services, we're not going to tell you, we're going to let you keep your memberships, we're going to let you continue to pay your monthly subscriptions, we're going to let you buy new memberships, and we're going to let you keep submitting your ads, but we're not going to send them to the leads, we're going to delete them. If that seems a bit harsh to you, then remember who broke the contact and who lied to who about following the rules. If and when you ever decide to become COMPLIANT we will at that time resume sending your ads.

Below is a graph that shows the current number of people that are reading our mail, this screenshot was taken on February 17th, 2021. It shows that only 13.63% of our members are following the rules and reading our mail. That day we sent over 90,000 emails to our members and barely over 12,000 were read. Our Terms Of Service Policy requires members to read 2-3 emails a week. That means over 86% of our members are in violation of our Terms Of Service Policy and starting on May 1st, 2021 we will no longer be sending their ads.

Also, in order to send ads you need to get a new Submission Authorization Code every 84 hours, that means you need to read two emails a week to get your Submission Authorization Codes, if you're not using valid Submission Authorization Codes then your ads are going to the trash anyway.

The only reason I need to break it down like this and be blunt and direct about what's going on and what we're going to do about it is that I'm talking to the 86%. The people that can't read, they can't read the Terms of Service Policy, they can't read our daily letters, they can't read the submitter instructions about Submission Authorization Codes, they just can't read. The 14% that do read the rules and follow them are going to get better service and better submission quality because we won't have our leads burned up by the 86% that refuse to follow the rules.

It's important that people read the mail and purchase our products, this is a business and not a charity, we need money to pay bills like employees, the lease on the building, our massive power bill and the T-1 connection to our two servers. You do want leads in your submitters right? Leads cost money. If 86% of our members aren't reading the mail and making purchases then that lowers our revenue by 86% and we're going to pay the bills before we buy leads and if there's nothing left after the bills are paid then there's no money for leads. (This does not apply to subscription memberships, a portion of their monthly payment pays for their leads.)

In closing, let me say that if you checked that box, stating that you read, understood, and would comply with our Terms of Service Policy and you didn't actually read it like you told us you did, then you deserve what happens to you. If you haven't read the Terms Of Service Policy lately, a refresher will do you good since we update it all the time. It's located here. When we update it we post a notice in our daily letter.


Matt Wells / Owner
Global Ad Solutions