This Is A Basic Description Of The Services We Offer

This Is The Easiest Way To Explain Our Services. Please Take The Time To Read Every Word.

Our submitters are easy to use. This page will break down the process from start to finish for a general submitter membership, some memberships are a little more complex and some are easier. If you take the time to read the material that we take the time to write for you and you don't understand what we said, then you should not join that service. We want you to be productive and profit from using our tools and we understand that some of the tools we build are not meant for people that are new to internet marketing, but at the same time some of the tools we built are not intended for our professional clients.

The previous owner, Global Ad Solution, went to great lengths to provide a comprehensive collection of documents that explained every aspect of using the submitters, what they did and what they would do for the user and what the user could expect. We've decided to bury those and spell it all out in simple terms everyone can understand. This page will explain everything you need to know, however if you don't want to take the time to read every word then there's no reason for you to continue.

Let's begin.

First you go to the sales page and you read the page, you don't scan over it, take the time to read it because we took the time to write it for you. For this example, we're going to use a standard submitter that sends to thirty million leads daily. There is a link to our policies at the bottom of the page, go there and read them to avoid confusion later. There's nothing worse than getting down the road and saying "I didn't know" or "I wasn't told" we gave you the link, it's your job to read it. After you make your purchase, you may be sent to a page where you select a username and password and you'll be asked to check a box indicating that you read, you understand, and you will comply with our policies. If you didn't take the time to read it, but you checked the box claiming you did and then later you have problems, who's fault is that? It's yours. There is a link to our policies on every page so there's no excuse for not knowing them.

If the page tells you that the submitter sends to 30 million people daily that means exactly what it says, the submitter sends to that many leads every day, it doesn't say each member does, that would be impossible, especially for the low prices we sell our services for.

If there are 10 members, then each member will be sending to 3 million leads daily. Our algorithm calculates the number you'll be sending to based on the number of times you typically send ads in a day. If you're 1 of the 10 members and you send, on average, 4 ads per day then each submission will go to 750,000 leads. If you submit more ads the next day, then the system will send out your ads up to 3 million leads and the rest will be discarded for the day and the next day the algorithm will recalculate the number of times you submit and the number of leads per submissions will be adjusted. It's a good system and it works well for everyone.

As the submission process continues, you'll be asked questions that will allow you to enhance your submission. Depending on the submitter you may be asked if you want to use an AdBoost Code. If you have an AdBoost Code then put it in the form field, if not then there will be a link there telling you where you can go get some free AdBoost Codes. You'll also be asked for your Submission Authorization Code. Submission Authorization Codes can only be found in our Daily Letter, you were told on the policy page that being on our mailing list was mandatory and this is why, a Submission Authorization Code is good for 84 hours which is 3-1/2 days and in accordance with our policies that you agreed to you are bound by our agreement to read 2 or 3 emails per week, if you do that than your ads will always be sent out, if you use expired Submission Authorization Codes then your ads will be sent to the trash.

Another rule that you agreed to comply with was our rule forbidding the use of pop-up blockers and ad blockers. Some of our submitters use ads and pop-ups to generate ad revenue which we use to acquire new leads for you to send your ads to. We have scripts in place that detect pop-up and ad blockers, if the system detects a pop-up or ad blocker it will send all your ads to the trash that day, if the system detects a pop-up or ad blocker 3 times in a 30-day period it will send all your ads to the trash forever. You told us you read and understood our policies and that you would comply with them. This is a good example of why it's important to read all the words we write down for you.

So, you've made it through the submission process and you've reached the end. Follow the prompts and exit the page. There is a 10-minute timer between submissions on a submitter, most people own several so they can quickly get all their ads out and move on with their day. You'll exit the system and be sent to another member's offer or maybe one of ours.

So that's it. Read everything, purchase your membership, fill out the form and check the box indicating you read, understood, and would comply with our policies, if the system sends you a welcome letter then read it and save it, go to the submitter and bookmark it so you can get back to it, read everything on each page of the submitter and follow the on-screen prompts to be guided through the process until completion. If at any time you require assistance with our simple process then you can visit the Client Services help desk, there is a link on every page. When you get there, there will be more to read, read it and follow the instructions for submitting a ticket. If you don't follow the instructions your ticket will be tossed out and you'll get no reply. Read everything we write for you. We spend the time to write it all down to help you, we certainly don't do it for fun.

Yes, some of you are fragile and this sounds rude to you, but I bet there is no question in your mind what you need to do. I laid it all out so it can be easily understood. If you still don't understand then you should go buy your services somewhere else. We primarily deal with professional marketers, but we love working with people that are new to internet marketing and you're going to do a lot better using our pro tools then you ever will sending your ads through some safelist with little cartoon penguins on it. So if you want to do it like the big dogs do, then grab a membership and step up your game.