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Satisfaction Guarantee

We'd like to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to our satisfaction gurantee. We would love to offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, but we can't and let me explain why. It's impossible for us to take full responsibility for your success or failure while marketing online.

Is the product you're selling something people need or are you trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos? Is your product fresh and new or are you competing with 1000's of other people trying to sell some JV junk? A few days ago I saw an ad for a travel agency... We're nearly the end of Covid-19 but people aren't packing into cruise ships and going on vacation. It's a bad thing to promote in our opinion, so we're not going to guarantee your satifaction.

All a submitter does is take the information that you enter and sends it to a script where it's processed for delivery to our leads databases. Then proprietary software in our servers sends your ads. That's it. Being unhappy with a submitter is like being unhappy with a hammer for not building you a nice house. The hammer, just like the submitter, is merely a tool that you use, with your experience, to do a job. Whether you succeed or fail the credit does not go to the tool, it goes to you.

The Terms Of Our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

You have to meet these minimum requirements to prove that you made an honest effort to maximize the promotional capabilities of the product or service. The satisfaction guarantee becomes void if the user is not meeting these minimum requirements.

1) You must submit in accordance with our policies so your ads aren't filtered to the trash.

2) You can promote as many different sites as you want per day, but you can't promote the same site more than once every 3 hours and you must promote your site or sites at least 4 times daily.

3) You must promote your site everyday in accordance to these rules for a period of no less than 60 days.

The Satisfaction Guarantee will replace the service you're not satisfied with another service valued at the percentage offered. In other words if you buy a service for $10 that comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee then your replacement will be for another service worth $10 or more. The same $10 service with a 150% Satisfaction Guarantee will be exchanged for a different service that retails for $15 or more.

If you are a good marketer that can write good ads and you have a good site with a good product, and you follow the guidelines above then we will honor our Satisfaction Guarantee, otherwise we won't.

Our Reseller Programs (Not Related To Warrior Plus or JVZoo)

There are several reseller programs and the rules may be different from one to the next, some resellers are charged a monthly fee and some aren't. Some resellers may get paid 100% of the sales price and some may not. Consult the reseller information that you were shown when you originally signed up or refer back to the letter that was sent to you when you received your reseller URL and other information, you were asked to save it, did you? If you have a question, you can visit our Client Services help desk at the link below.

To learn more about our reseller programs, click here.

Refund and Return Policy

While there are no Federal refund laws in the US, many state laws don't legally require refunds, the refund policy at Five Star Services is that there are no refunds allowed. We're going to build a great service for you and you're going to pay us for that since you ordered it. If at any time you decide you don't want to pay for it anymore, just contact us through the link at the bottom of this page and we will stop all future payments from your credit card and we will discontinue your service.

The Lead Replacement Process

It's estimated that our leads unsubscribe at a rate of 3% per day for our free submitter leads, 2% per day for our mid-level submitters, and under 1% for our higher quality leads like in our premium submitters. We think it's because the premium submitter clients submit the most responsibly, the mid-level clients submit somewhat resposibly, and the free members submit so irresponsibly that more than 75% of their ads go directly into the trash.

To replace the leads that unsubscribe we have several revenue streams, a few of our methods for example are when our customers view and interact with our other client's pop-ups, ad banners, the bottom ad rotator, or the scrolling text ads and clickable message at the top of the page. That's one reason we banned the use of pop-up blockers, it's in our policies that the use of an blocker will justify us sending all of your ads to the trash. If you're not going to help replace the leads then you're not going to send to them and cause them to unsubscribe. It's that simple.

We've given you so many ways to keep your submitters loaded with fresh leads and so few of you are taking advantage of it. Buying a lifetime membership to a submitter is not for "your" lifetime, we're certainly not going to pay 35 years worth of hosting because you live to be 90 and you paid us $14.95 - a lifetime membership is for the life of the submitter. When all the leads unsubscribe and they are not replaced using ad revenue then the program is deemed to be dead. At this point we may take it offline, sometimes we give you a replacement and sometimes not. It's because we are a business and not a charity, and if you're not going to generate ad revenue the way the system is set up to do then you can generate income by purchasing Hands Free Marketing like pop-up traffic, banner traffic, that kind of thing or maybe one of our other Marketing Products or Services.

Seeing a few people's ads isn't going to hurt you, we put all of our premium and mid-level client's websites in our full page pop-up rotator at no cost to them, many of them don't even know we do it, wouldn't you like it if people saw your website and they were interested and they checked it out? But unfortunately if you choose to do nothing then that's what you can expect in return, nothing.

Two Different Types Of Memberships -- Lifetime Payment vs. Subscription Payments

"The Lifetime Membership" is a one time payment that gives you access for as long as the program is alive. The lifetime membership is for the lifetime of the program, not for your lifetime. That would be silly to think that if you're 40 years old and you live to be 90 years old that we should pay to host the program and maintain it for 50 years because you bought a membership 20 bucks.

Now let's talk about what the members are supposed to be doing to keep the lifetime memberships alive. Don't use your Pop-Up Blocker. It is a Violation of our policies to use your Pop-Up Blocker. If you're not seeing and interacting with ads then you're not generating ad revenue so no leads will be added to the database on your behalf, but everytime you send an ad a portion of the people that get your ad will unsubscribe from our list. So there's the problem, people that take away from the list and don't give back and slowly the life of the list dwindles away until we deem the submitter to be dead, the lifetime membership has expired and we take the submitter offline. You can see why it's important that everyone that buys a lifetime membership must not use thier Pop-Up Blocker.

"The Subscription Membership" You'll usually have a full database of fresh leads, the monthly revenue will allow us to distribute more capture forms and we'll be able to acquire more leads quicker. There's a Search Engine Submitter and the ability to add logos and attachments to your ads and there's no waiting, once you hit "submit" you're done.

The members that pay a monthly subscription payment don't ever have to worry about a Pop-Up Blocker because there are no Pop-Ups. No ads. Nothing. Just log-in and send your ads. There's not many places that you can do that anymore.

Is It Required That I Be On The Mailing List?

Yes, being on our mailing list is mandatory. Sign-up here if you are currently not on the list. We'll usually send a letter once or twice a day depending on how much revenue we need to run ads for the next day. We'll be sending information to help you with your marketing or to keep you posted on something important or maybe we'll send you an ad for one of our products and we send out a lot of free items.

Being on the mailing list is very important, but if you're not reading the letters we send you then it's kind of like you're not on the list at all. We're certainly not going to tell you that you have to read all our letters but a few a week would be reasonable, you're under contract to read a minimum of 2 letters per week, you agreed to that when you stated you would comply with our policies.

It's The Cost Of Doing Business

Everytime a member sends an ad some of the people that receive the ad unsubscribe from the mailing list. It could be because they get too much mail or because their receiving ads on topic they're not interested in. It doesn't matter why they unsubscribed, all that matters is that now you have less people to send your ads to. On average a submitter loses between 1-3% of it's leads per day depending on the number of members sending ads through that submitter.

Now we need to replace the leads that unsubscribe so that everyone will have fresh leads to send to. The members that pay a monthly subscription have the leads added to their submitters by 1/3 of the money that they pay every month. The average subscription is about $3.50 so out of that we put about $1.17 towards leads. We acquire low to medium quality targeted leads for around 8¢ each and general audience leads for 3¢ each. When you add up all the money paid by all the members we can sometimes come close to replacing the leads as fast as they unsubscribe, sometimes not.

If a reseller makes a sale, we get nothing, the reseller keeps all the money, but the monthly fee that each of them pays us lets us acquire 222 leads per month per reseller. The people that buy lifetime memberships from us or the resellers will generate ad revenue because they see our pop-ups and our member's pop-ups. They'll see the banners and big ad spaces. But it all basically boils down to money, if a little money is generated, we'll acquire a little amount of leads for you and if a lot of money is generated, we'll get a lot of leads for you. So click the banners, it's easy.

We encourage people to buy multiple submitters, buy our traffic package, become a reselller, we have to work together, if you spend money with us then we can spend on you. We can't spend money we don't have. We want to keep your submitters loaded with fresh new leads but it takes money and if you're not spending money then we aren't either.

Our Pop-Up Blocker Policy

Our clients must disable their pop-up blocker and view our ads and the ads of other members. That is one of the policies herein that you agreed to comply with when you joined and when you check the box everytime you submit an ad. By viewing our pop-up ads and the ads of other members you generate ad revenue that is used to acquire new leads for the submitters or gives us the funds needed to acquire new safelist memberships. If you block the pop-ups and you generate no ad revenue then we'll send all your ads to the trash.

We use a JavaScript to detect pop-up blockers. If our system detects a pop-up blocker that person's ads will go to the trash that day, if the violations continue more than 3 times in a 30 day period we'll send all that person's ads to the trash permanently.

The clients that opted for the monthly subscription plan never have to see ads because a portion of their small monthly fee is used to top off the leads database daily.

Our Client Services Help Desk

We have gone to great lengths to make the system so easy to use that a child could do it. We've found that 90% of support requests could be avoided if the end user actually took the time to read the policies rather than just claiming they did.

The following support issues are free of charge:

Updating your billing information.
Cancelling a membership.
Reporting a problem with a website.
Any request by us for you to post a message here.

If you did what you were supposed to do then everything will be fine. If you didn't then we're here to help you but there will be a small service charge. Click here to learn more about how your payment is made and where your payment goes.

Google™ & GMail® Are Blocking Your Ads

Recently it came to our attention that the ads for some (under 0.5%) of our clients were being refused on the recipient's end. We're going to list a few of them below and nwe're going to upload a few screenshots of the ones we was able to get, we could have got a few more but the ads fly out of here pretty fast. We will add more if and when we find more. If you have an idea of what may be causing this then go to Client Services and let us know and we'll check it out.

1. WarriorPlus.com
2. eBay.com
3. ReverbNation.com
4. MyDailyChoice.com
5. Bonanza.com

We think it is likely one of these 3 things:

1. The sites don't like your ad tracker. Did you check the Spam Confidence Level? You need to do that before you sign up and attach it to your affiliate link. If a domain does a lot of spamming then your ads are thrown into a Junk folder or deleted. The lower the number the better.

2. You may unknowingly be using "spam words" those will get your mail to the trash fast. I've looked for a list for you, I looked at several and this site was best, check out this SPAM Word Blog

3. The recipient's free email provider is blocking you, GMail does that a lot. We have 4 GMail accounts but we don't get a lot of ads so we can't tell you how bad GMail is messing with your ads, see the next section down for more information.


More Will Be Added
As We Identify Them.

GMail's New SPAM Algorithm

We at Five Star Services felt it was imperative that we notified all of our clients and potential clients about a recent change at Google® which is having a serious impact on your marketing efforts.

Google's® new spam detection algorithm is filtering a very high percentage of your ads to the spam folders of your potential customers. This is a much more serious problem then what it may appear. Google's® mail client, Gmail™ is the most popular email provider on the planet. At present they literally dominate email usage. In fact, our in-house testing has reveled that nearly 80% of our members use Gmail™ and the leads we purchase mirror these figures.

The graph above shows the most popular e-mail providers according to consumers in the United States as of January 2019, sorted by age group. During the consumer survey, 83.5 percent of respondents aged 14 to 18 years stated that they used Gmail™ as their primary e-mail provider. Yahoo® was ranked second with 6.9 percent. (statista.com, 2019)

Individuals who use ad trackers are at greatest risk. If you do use an ad tracker it is highly likely that Google® will vet it out and send your advertisement to the spam folder of your potential customer. In fact, we polled many of our longtime customers and they also report that our ads do go to their junk folder and in order to read them, they must take the extra step by indicating that our email to them is not spam. When you consider many people never read their spam folder or auto delete it in settings then you'll want to do something to correct that.

So, effective immediately, we are very strongly recommending that our clients do NOT use ad trackers to cloak their sales URL's. While this may appear to be counter-productive, we feel it is necessary to ensure that your ads go where they are supposed to go; in your potential customer's inbox! We are not saying that you cannot use an ad tracker however, if you feel you need to then please do so but, do it knowing that a very high (ninety percent or more.) percentage of your ads may never be seen.

The image below is an example of what your Gmail™ recipients will be seeing, if they ever see your email at all.

We are certain that you do not want this to happen to you when you consider that you are spending good money on your marketing campaigns. So on that note let me add that we here at Five Star Services have 100% stopped using ad trackers. We encourage you to do the same. If you know how to put a hit counter on your site or are familiar with how server logs work (and you have access to them), we recommend you try using those instead.

All Of Our Products & Services Are Single Use Licenses

At no time, under any circumstances is any client of Five Star Services permitted to sell, share, or give away their username and password to any secure area on any web page or domain owned by Five Star Services.

All of our products and services are only to be used by the person that bought them. We track usernames through the log reports in our server and if we find a username being used by multiple IP's around the globe we'll first filter all their ads to the trash and begin an investigation into the use of their username. If they have their username popping up in Dallas and Chicago and Seattle and Bangladesh all in the same month then it will be clear to us that there is fraudulent use of our secure access areas.

If you want to give away a submitter to your downline or friends online then you can purchase a submitter of your own, we build them for people all the time. If you want to give away or sell your own submitter then this is the best way to do that. Click here for more details.

Minimum Equipment Requirements

We design all of our pages, submitters, and scripts using Windows 7 and Windows 10 with the Chrome and FireFox browsers and a 1280x720 screen resolution, should you decide to use a different configuration then you may view our pages different and our submitters may not function properly for you. We advise against using virus software over a medium setting as we've found higher settings tend to not make our submit buttons visible.

We Don't Allow Oversubmitting

One of our more abused rules is our over submitting rule. There are limits on how often you can submit. Many of the programs produced by us allow you to submit "unlimited" ads. We create "unlimited" programs for people who have more than one opportunity to promote. People who purchase and use "unlimited" advertising programs from us are expected to use discretion when advertising. An example of discretionary advertising would be:

An example would be if you have a membership to the Highly Targeted Submitter and a membership to the Marketing Pro Submitter. Let's say you're using Marketing Pro Submitter, you can advertise as many different items as you wish as long as they have different subject lines and they're on different websites. You can do that every 3 hours, you have to change the subject line each time you submit and not use the same subject line more than once every 24 hours. While you're doing that on Marketing Pro Submitter you can be doing the exact same thing on Highly Targeted Submitter at the same time. This applies the same way with however many paid submitters you own. The more submitters you own, the more ads you can send out.

Our Transparency Information Regarding The Acquisition Of Leads For Our Submitters

If you go to the grocery store with $10, you're going to get $10 worth of groceries. If you buy generic and store name products and you use coupons, then you can get a lot more, but the quality won't be as good as name brand products and you wouldn't be able to get as much without the coupons. That's who we are, we make a very economical product and as with everything else in life, you get what you pay for. If you use our free products and you pay nothing, then you can expect nothing. Same with our other products, you can only expect to get out what you put in, and that is only if you follow the rules.

Our average priced program is $20. For your $20 you get lifetime access (lifetime is defined as the lifetime of the program, not your lifetime) to one of our many marketing programs. The sales page reflects the number of leads that were preloaded into the program's database at the time it was released, not nessessarily the time you bought it. Each time a member submits an ad some of the leads unsubscribe and we certainly can't change the graphics or update the text everytime that happens. We have a system in place where members that are in compliance with our policies don't use their pop-up blocker and they see the ads of other customers and from us. By seeing and interacting with ads they generate revenue which is used to aquire more leads. When the rules are followed the system will maintain a good balance of leads forever, when they are not followed, the leads will slowly unsubscribe and eventually there will be no leads in the system, and at that time we will either take the dead program offline or we'll leave it online in the hopes that the customers will start following the rules and the program will come back to life.

Ok, so this is what it boils down to. If you want to pay nothing then you can expect nothing, if you want to pay a little then you can expect a little, and if you want to pay more then you can expect more. And the most important thing is to disable your pop-up blocker, interact with other member's pop-ups and interact with ours. If you're not spending money, chances are we aren't either.

Subscription Payments

Many of the services we offer are on subscriptions. You can cancel your subscription at anytime by submitting a support ticket with Client Services. Be very descriptive, tell us the email address you used, the name used and the name of the program you're cancelling. The membership will be terminated the day we process the request, if you don't want the membership to be terminated immediately then post it in Support Solutions the day before you want it cancelled, so we get to it in time to do that. It's important that you understand that the day you cancel is the same day that your membership will be terminated so do not cancel the subscription until you are ready for the membership to end.

10 Minute Submission Delay

We have a submission restriction of 10 minutes between each submission made by a user. This security protocol was started because of unscrupulous members who submitted ads over and over and that caused leads to quickly unsubscribe and without quality leads nobody can succeed. By submitting responsibly this will ensure a better quality submission for everyone. If you want to submit more frequently than every 10 minutes then you can purchase more than one submitter, the average client owns 4 memberships and our pro members buy every submitter we put out.

The Guidelines For Our Different Submitter Grades

Each of our submitters work well at what they do, how well they do it is based on the amount of money we charge for each individual submitter. Use these guidelines when you purchase a submitter so there is no confusion in exactly what you're getting. We will never cheat anyone, we are 100% transparent. You're going to get exactly what you pay for and occassionally you'll get a little more.

A low grade submitter would be defined as a membership that we charge under $6.99 per month for or a one-time fee under $29.99. A low grade submitter uses a good quality submitter technology and the leads can range from 90-365 days old. The lead quality is rated as low grade English speaking, primarily general audience opt-in bulk leads with some targeted leads included.

A medium grade submitter would be defined as a membership that we charge between $7-$16.99 per month for or a one-time fee of at most $49.99. A medium grade submitter uses a good quality submitter technology and the leads can range from 60-180 days old. The lead quality is rated as medium grade English speaking, opt-in, and niche' targeted.

A professional grade submitter would be defined as a membership that we charge $17+ per month for. Professional grade submitters are not available for a one time fee because our premier clients know that a constant cash flow is required to keep top quality leads in their submitters. A professional grade submitter uses cutting edge submitter technology and the leads can range from 1-30 days old. The lead quality is rated as extra-high grade English speaking, double opt-in, and niche' targeted.

Lead Distribution

We have been asked on several occasions to clarify the number of leads that a member is sending to at any given time. For example, if a submission program sends to thirty million leads daily and the database contains the full 30 million leads, then:

1 user is sending to all 30,000,000 leads per day.
10 users are sending to 3,000,000 leads each per day.
100 users are sending to 300,000 leads each per day.
1000 users are sending to 30,000 leads each per day.

How The Leads Are Selected For Each Member

The leads that a member sends to are selected randomly each time a submission is made to avoid a member sending ads to the same person repeatedly. We limit the sale of each submission program using a proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration several factors, such as but not limited to:

The age and quality of the leads.
The age and price of the program.
The revenue generated by the program.
The number of members using the program.

AdBoost Codes Will Increase Your Submission Performance

We're offering several basic ways to earn AdBoost Codes, like reading some material or answering a questionaire or educating yourself on a few of our less followed rules. Some people are too busy and they asked us to sell them AdBoost Codes so we set up a few packages but we try to encourage people to earn AdBoost Codes in the ways we intended originally. Click here for more details.

How We Keep It All Running For You

We reserve the right to select the most cost effective means of advertising for our customers. We use a variety of advertising methods such as, but not limited to, double-opt-in email submission, pop-under ads, surf programs, FFA programs, The GAS Booster, safelists and paid to read emails. The method we choose to advertise for our customers on any given day is based on the revenue available to us at that time. Based on that available revenue we may choose to use any of the above mentioned means of advertising for our customers but do not limit ourselves to only those means. We prefer double opt-in email marketing and our own creation "The GAS Booster".

Changes to Our Policies

We reserve the right to change these Policies at any time by giving you notice of the date the changes were made in our daily letter. It is recommended that if you are not on our mailing list that you check back frequently for changes. Your continued use of our Website, Services, and Products after any change to these Policies and our notifying you will constitute your acceptance of such change. If you do not agree with the changes to these Policies, you should discontinue the use of our Website, Services, and Products.


This document was created by our legal counsel.

Our Closing Statement

We reserve the right to alter, modify or terminate any of our services at anytime for any reason and may change any part of this policy without written notice to our Customers, it is the sole responsibility of our Customers to stay up to date on our policies. If a Customer ever feels that our policies are too restricting to them then the Customer's only recourse is to stop using our products and services.

This policy is up to date as of and if we change our policies, we will post the revised version here, so we suggest that you check periodically for the newest version of our policies. A notice of the change will also be made in our daily letter.