It's A Ready Made Business

All You Have To Do Is Want It - We'll Do The Rest For You

So, you're thinking about owning your own submitter and having your own marketing company. That's a great idea, it's how we started out, we just had one submitter and then after a while we had two and over the years we've built it up to where we are now. I'm going to be really detailed on this page because I want you to understand everything. You might want to bookmark the page so you can come back to it.

First, pick the program you want. We'll negotiate a price based on what you want to spend for the whole package. The submission program by itself is $500 and we have some add-ons that you can add-on if you want, I'll explain a few.

Our Security Script ($150)

It's a simple script that allows you to let people into your secure members area or to lock them out. If you plan to sell memberships where people pay a monthly fee then you'll need a way to lock them out if they cancel their subscription. Or if you're selling a lifetime membership where they just pay you once for unlimited access forever then it doesn't matter if you have a security script or not.

Our Banner Rotator Script ($50)

Our banner rotator is everywhere, you can see it scrolling along on this page. It makes lots of money for us. We can hook you up with your own banner rotator for only $50 and not only will you be rotating your customer's banners, you'll also be rotating your own. It's 24/7 advertising without lifting a finger.

Our Top Scroller ($50)

We use our top scroller for several purposes. Here is a sample. See it at the top of the page, it has a message scrolling back and forth in it. The message is clickable, it's a big attention grabber and it's where you store your pop-up code (if you get that add-on) so you show your customer's ads and yours and get that extra kick of exposure. Customers love it when they see their ads pop-up.

Our Pop-Ups ($50)

The pop-ups use databases to randomly select a URL and show it to a visitor. The submitters are equipped with Javascript Ad Blocker Detectors and we tell the members in advance to not use their pop-up blocker but some still do and we send their ads to the trash. The majority of the members follow the rules and are shown full a page pop-up of your customer's site and any of the sites you want to load into your own database. It's a great revenue generator for you to be able to show all your sites to your customers.

Our Support Desk ($250 annually)

Typically we charge a small service fee, using a service called "Buy Me A Coffee" and each time a customer needs support they make a small payment. If you wish we can handle all your customer support at no charge to your customer. There would be a link on every page that took them straight to our Help Desk.

You buy a domain name, you can get a .com for about $10 a year, we'll show you how to "point" your domain name at our hosting and we'll set up our scripts. We'll install everything you want in your package and we'll email you all the details that you need so you know where everything you need to get to is and how to use it, you'll have your sales page, your ad submission page and any of the features you add on.

Because there is about 8 hours of programming and install work and because this is a digital item there are no refunds. Once we discuss it and come to an agreement that we're both happy with, we'll give you the payment information and when the funds have cleared we'll begin our job. We're always here for you, there is a link to our help desk on every page.

You don't need to know any code, just promote your page and collect your money. We'll do the rest.

Below are the programs that are available. We are more than happy to negotiate prices for the submitters and the add-ons.

More Will Be Added As
They Become Available.