August 1st, 2020


My name is Matt Wells and I'm the owner of Global Ad Solutions. I'd like to tell you about how the COVID-19 Virus is affecting us and how it will affect your services in the future.

We require a constant cash flow in order to provide you with services. The reason for this is because we need to acquire double opt-in leads for you every day. We wouldn't have to do that if everyone would follow the rules that they agreed to in our Terms of Service and would not use their pop-up blocker, but about 35% of our members continue to use their pop-up blocker. It's like taking one step forward and two steps back. If I don't buy leads for you, your lead pool you will run dry and you'll be submitting to no one.

We know the economy is really bad right now. It's bad on us too. But, we're a business and not a charity. I can't continue paying out around $8,600 a month for my server, lease on the building, employees, the huge power bill, and all the other little things, not including my wages. I haven't taken a dime out of the company in five months for myself. I'll put a screenshot of my Stripe™ back office below, it shows from July 1st to July 31st the $1,600 net barely pays the lease and about 1/2 the power bill, the rest will have to be paid out of my pocket again, so you can see how this needs to turn around.

Do you remember back in late 2019 I had to take 109 submitters offline? I did that because there were no more leads in their databases. The were dead. And yes, a few people yelled at me because they said they had lifetime memberships and I had to explain to them that the lifetime membership was for the membership's lifetime and not theirs. I'm certainly not going to pay 40 years of hosting, power bills, etc etc. if they live to be 90. There are two ways to get a membership, pay a monthly subscription or a one time fee that is a lifetime membership.... Sorry I got a little off track. If the members continue to use their pop-up blockers and I can't afford to buy leads for you then it's only a matter of time before your membership dies too.

I've done all I can to help you with your advertising, I created the AdBoost Codes and I give them to you for free. They cost me money everytime a code is used because I have to give the member a boost in leads. I also created a Facebook group so you guys could share ideas and exchange the products you're promoting. Recently I started offering a Big Ad Space that I had always reserved for myself, all a member has to do is make a purchase and they would get one of those full screen ads for free and it would be thiers forever. That size of space would easily go for $100 for lifetime use. It surprised me that people haven't figured out it's not about the submitter purchase and it's about securing that ad space, there's a limited number of spaces. If it were me I would buy 10 of the same blaster just to get the ad space.

So in closing, my $50,000 American Express card is almost maxed out. I've done all I can to help you, over the many years you've been with us, and I will continue to for as long as I can, I love my work and my customers and I've been online for 21 years serving online marketers on a budget, like you, with my super low prices, but if I can't get a little of that love back then I'll have to pull the plug.

Have a wonderful day,

Matt Wells / Owner
Global Ad Solutions