Single Use License

At no time, under any circumstances is any client of Global Ad Solutions permitted to sell, share, or give away their username and password to any secure area on any web page or domain owned by Global Ad Soltions.

All of our products and services are only to be used by the person that bought them. We track usernames through the log reports in our server and if we find a username being used by multiple IP's around the globe we'll first filter all their ads to the trash and begin an investigation into the use of their username. If they have their username popping up in Dallas and Chicago and Seattle and Bangladesh all in the same month then it will be clear to us that there is fraudulent use of our secure access areas.

If you want to give away a submitter to your downline or friends online then you can purchase a submitter of your own, we build them for people all the time. If someone wants to give away or sell their own submitter then this is the best way to do that.

We will be offering a reseller program in mid 2021 that will pay the licensed resellers 100% of the price of the submitter they sell. If someone wants to sell our submitters and earn a lucrative income then becoming a licensed reseller is the best way to do that.

Have a great day,

Matt Wells / Owner
Global Ad Solutions