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The submitters below are shown in the order of their quality of submission, Submission quality is based on: age of the leads, quantity of the leads, designation of the leads, price of the submitter, age of the submitters, and several other factors determined by our proprietary algorithm. Do not base your choice on how fancy a submitter looks, just because you think one submitter looks nicer then another doesn't mean it will make more sales. It's all about the leads. 100%

The leads in the submitters are unique to each submitter, meaning the leads in one submitter are not the same leads in another submitter, however there is occassionally some overlapping, like if a person requested information on home improvement and joined one list and then joined a separate list requesting information on caring for puppies. It happens. This is why most clients own several submitters, the more submitters you own the more frequently you can send out your ads and the more people you can reach. We pride ourselves on being able to provide affordable submitters to the men and women that work from home to support their families. We even offer free submitters for people that need them, click here to learn more.

When we add new submitters, we'll add them to the list where they will best fit in for their submission quality. Then we'll tell you about them in our daily letter. If you don't receive our daily letter then you can sign-up here.

This is the best submission system we have online: Our email marketing platform is becoming the choice for marketers looking for an easy to use, yet powerful system with features that can't be found anywhere else in the world and proprietary tools that are years ahead of other email submission companies. There is a fully interactive demonstration of each of the tools in this package. You'll be shown two of our popular Email Submitters, our Search Engine Submitter, Social Media Submitter, Web-To-IP Submitter, Smart Phone Submitter, Classified Ad Submitter, Blog Submitter, Ezine Submitter, WordPress™ Showcase Site Submitter, Directory Submitter and you'll also see our Powerful Pinger. There are three packages with six payment options for your convenience. Click here for info.

The next group of submitters below use unique leads, meaning the leads in one submitter are not the same leads used in any other submitter, as was described above, but their submitter description is very similar because they each have 57 targeted lead categories, they have a great feature selection like an hourly autosubmitter, personalized ads, an affiliate program that pays you at least $20 per sale, and more. The thumbnails are clickable and the highest quality of submission is shown from left to right.


Email marketing has long been the premier method used by internet marketers the world over to get their message out and in the hands of potential customers. Other methods such as banner advertising, classified ads and viral marketing have shown promise but, email marketing is still king regardless of what country you're in or what language you speak. We recognized this many years ago and have crafted some of the hottest selling and most sought after tools available to marketers. While we have focused primarily on the English and Spanish speaking markets with many of our submission tools, we understand that marketing should really be a global affair. To that end, we created Ad Planet, the world's first multi-language marketing tool. Click here for details.

Internet marketers all want the same thing, quality traffic that produces sales and sign-ups. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that promise to help you do just that. The Traffic Tornado System was created to bring a massive whirl-wind of traffic to your offers. Every person in our system, that has requested information for us, has double opted in. What that means is that they filled out a form, referred to as a capture form, with their name, email address, and phone number and they submitted it. Then they were sent an email that explained that by clicking the link they agree to our terms, one of which is that they will receive offers from us and our associates. Once the link is clicked the person is added to our mailing list. Click here for details.

Email Pirate be offrin' two fabulous packages fer the online marketers. Ye Silver package be offrin' members twenty double opt-in submitt'rs and the Gold package be offrin' sixty double opt-in submitt'rs. The majority, but not all, of the items actually be having clickable links that'll be openin' in a new window so you can be goin' to the sales page and readin' 'bout the program before ye be makin' a decision on which package to sign-up fer. We be offrin' four options fer yer convenience, fer $7.77 a month or $27.77 fer lifetime ye be gettin' the Silver package or if'n ye want the Gold package ye be payin' a paltry $17.77 per month or $47.77 fer a lifetime membership that recently received a massive upgrade. Only th' Gold lifetime offers th' upgrades. Click here for more information.

Our Five Star Services signature program has special tools that let you add different features to your ad, like fireworks, voices, or our personal favorite the Ad-Chain. Don't forget the Float-Up Ads, those are a game changer, you'll find them nowhere in the world but here and they're going to blow your mind. The Five Star Services site is a membership site where you can either purchase a lifetime membership or subscribe to a monthly membership. Both memberships give you full access to the secure membersareas to send your ads to our submission tools. An actual person will handle each submission to guarantee each ad is submitted exactly to your specifications. The Five Star Services site also has no advertising on it which is typically used to purchase leads. Click here for more information.

We asked our members what was more important to them, the quality of the leads or the quantity of the leads. The way it works is the better quality of leads means the fewer you get and on the other side the higher the quantity means the lower the quality. Both memberships have their own secure members area and each submitter has 16 databases of leads. The databases rotate each time a submission is made so that you don't submit to the same people twice in a 4 day timespan. Leads are constantly being loaded into the 32 databases. Quality leads will be loaded into their databases and quantity leads will be added to theirs. We offer the Quality Package and the Quantity Package. Click here for more information on Send-O-Matic.