We Have A Submitter For Every Budget

- As With Most Things In Life, You're Going To Get Out Of It What You Put Into It -

The first five submission programs on this page are the highest grade top quality systems that are robust and meant for heavy use by professional marketers. They are loaded with great features and the prices are reasonable. The last part of the page is a selection of our mid-level submitters or as we call them, our blue collar blasters. They're good products, we are firm believers in making a product for every budget, we even make a full line of free products for people that can't afford our products at regular price.

All of our mid-level lifetime memberships are resold by our resellers. We allow them to sell the lifetime memberships for $15 each and we keep the subscription sales that range from $2-$20 per month and the recurring income is what we use to acquire leads for our mid-level products. If you'd like to visit a random reseller's site and see some of our lifetime membership submitters, click here. If you'd like to see our mid-level products which are available for a low monthly subscription price we've shown a few at the bottom of the page and we'll add more as they become available.

The clients that have our mid-level lifetime memberships and free products also generate ad revenue by viewing pop-ups and that money is used to acquire leads for their submitters. They are very good at self-sustaining themselves. Rarely does a program run out of leads and when it does we sometimes take it offline and give the members a replacement. Our monthly subscription member's areas have no ads, thier leads are not acquired with ad revenue, they are acquired with a portion of the small monthly membership fee.

One other thing that makes our submitters special is our jaw-dropping features. We can make your email talk, we can set off a display of Fireworks with sound effects, we can give you special codes that boost your submission performance, our Ad-Chain feature lets you schedule your ads so they arrive at anytime you choose in any time zone around the world and the Grand Finale is our Float-Up Ads, it doesn't matter when you send your ad, it will be the first email they see when they open their inbox. You can read more here.

Our Five Star Services signature program has special tools that let you add different features to your ad, like fireworks, voices, or our personal favorite the Ad-Chain. Don't forget the Float-Up Ads, those are a game changer, you'll find them nowhere in the world but here and they're going to blow your mind. The Five Star Services site is a membership site where you can either purchase a lifetime membership or subscribe to a monthly membership. Both memberships give you full access to the secure membersareas to send your ads to our submission tools. An actual person will handle each submission to guarantee each ad is submitted exactly to your specifications. The Five Star Services site also has no advertising on it which is typically used to supplement income or to purchase leads or to cover expenses. Click here for more information.

Making money online is everyone's goal but it is estimated that 90% of internet marketers fail in their first 6 months and the main reason for that is they don't have the proper tools to do the job. Our team of programmers, integration experts and site designers sometimes work late into the night brainstorming on new and innovative products, services, and features. We've come up with some amazing things, things nobody else on the planet can offer. Each of our Super Submitters offers information on the submission and a little education as well, knowledge is power and the more you know, the better you'll do. You'll get a confirmation email of each of your submissions that will show you the ad you wrote so you can save the ones that worked best for you and use them again in the future. Click here for more information.

Email Pirate be offrin' two fabulous packages fer the online marketers. Ye Silver package be offrin' members twenty double opt-in submitt'rs and the Gold package be offrin' sixty double opt-in submitt'rs. The majority, but not all, of the items actually be having clickable links that'll be openin' in a new window so you can be goin' to the sales page and readin' 'bout the program before ye be makin' a decision on which package to sign-up fer. We be offrin' four options fer yer convenience, fer $7.77 a month or $27.77 fer lifetime ye be gettin' the Silver package or if'n ye want the Gold package ye be payin' a paltry $17.77 per month or $47.77 fer a lifetime membership that recently received a massive upgrade. Th' new submission module be th' best submitter we've e'er built. Only th' Gold lifetime offers th' upgrades. Click here for more information.

We asked our members what was more important to them, the quality of the leads or the quantity of the leads. The way it works is the better quality of leads means the fewer you get and on the other side the higher the quantity means the lower the quality. So, here's what we have, there are currently 203591 quality-based leads in the system and 30521657 quantity-based leads in the system. Go ahead and refresh the page, the numbers will constantly change based on the number of leads unsubscribing as members around the world submit and the databases being refilled at what we try to keep at an equal pace, using a system that we developed called the "Lead Leveler" that constantly adds fresh leads to the databases for people to send to. Click here for more information on the Send-O-Matic Submission System.

Internet marketers all want the same thing, quality traffic that produces sales and sign-ups. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that promise to help you do just that. The Traffic Tornado System was created to bring a massive whirl-wind of traffic to your offers. Every person in our system, that has requested information for us, has double opted in. What that means is that they filled out a form, referred to as a capture form, with their name, email address, and phone number and they submitted it. Then they were sent an email that explained that by clicking the link they agree to our terms, one of which is that they will receive offers from us and our associates. Once the link is clicked the person is added to our mailing list and our clients can mail them. The person can unsubscribe anytime. Click here for details.

The thumbnails are clickable and will open in a new tab and take you to a page for that item. The items below are each on a subscription. All our mid-grade lifetime memberships are given to our reseller for them to sell, our resellers are our pride and joy, they resell over 60 products and keep 100% of the money. We support our resellers in every way we can including promoting their reseller sites for them every chance we get. If you'd like to visit a random reseller's site click here.

Our reseller program gives the reseller over 60 seperate ad submitters each with it's own sales page, most have banners and text ads and each sells for $15, we handle all the support through our help desk, and we add new products from time to time. Everytime the reseller sells a submitter that $15 is paid directly to them instantly. Click here for details.

You can click each thumbnail and go to the submitter and read about it and if you want you can become a member for just a few bucks a month, or you can buy the whole program. Each program below is $750 and they could be negotiated to be even less. You could have a ready-made business up an running in just a few days and we do the whole install for you. If you're interested, click here for full details.

More Will Be Added As
They Become Available.